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Gary Goodyear in the Post

February 26th, 2009

Here in Cambridge our local MP, Gary Goodyear, is also Minister of State for Science and Technology. It is in that capacity that he penned a piece that appeared in yesterdays National Post, Supporting Our Scientists:

It’s unfortunate that Liberal MP Marc Garneau, whose op-ed “Support our scientists” appeared in the Post on Feb. 11, has not taken the time to properly read the federal budget. Otherwise, he would have noticed that the government of Canada has made substantial new investments in science and technology. What is odd about his criticisms is that the Official Opposition did not bother to make any pre-budget submissions in support of science and technology programs. Stranger still, Mr. Garneau voted in favour of the budget that he now criticizes…

It’s a strong piece of partisan political writing and with jabs at the opposition and information on his department.  It’s also the first I have heard of Goodyear in his capacity as Minister of State, and is a good start to his cabinet career.

Gary Goodyear

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