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Warren Kinsella Sues Ezra Levant

February 23rd, 2009

You wonder what’s going on with Warren Kinsella these days. He seems to have completely gone off the rails. The latest is yet another suit for a blog posting, again against Ezra Levant.

Someone needs to point out to Michael Ignatieff that every time Kinsella goes off his rocker in public, his name, and the Liberal party gets dragged into it. On the other hand, Adscam is back on the table and open for discussiuon. Thanks Warren, Conservative blogging just got a lot easier.


  1. Richard
    February 23rd, 2009 at 13:23 | #1

    Iam sure that some Liberals will be upset….just when they thought that Adscam was out of sight…..guess who brings it to light again with a stupid lawsuit he won’t win. Mr. K. sure does like the spotlight…too bad the rest of the Liberals don’t feel the same way.

  2. Ted
    February 23rd, 2009 at 13:53 | #2

    This is old news that Ezra is trying to game for more headlines and reader traffic. The lawsuit was started back almost a year ago.

  3. Archie
    February 23rd, 2009 at 14:19 | #3

    Klownzella is turning this into a bad habit or a hobby. Some people never learn.

  4. February 23rd, 2009 at 15:44 | #4

    Um, no, Ted, that’s not correct. Special K has apparently pulled the original suit, amended it to include the adscam stuff, bumped the dollar value from 50K up to 5M and re-filed at the end of January of this year.

  5. TangoJuliette
    February 23rd, 2009 at 20:06 | #5

    warrin’ dimfella. the git that keeps on giving. when adscam first broke, the punditocracy predicted that it would all be forgotten within a couple of weeks. certainly, it would be gone by election time. I keep raking in the cash on my wagers, ’cause it ain’t over till some libranos get put away with all the other unsavouray criminal types that inhabit our society. Thanks wk.

    This time, not only did you ‘bird-dog’ the quarry, you sldo loaded the magazine, locked it into place, and you’ve even chambered the first round into the chamber.

    The ammo being used by the Conservatives is of the truth and honesty calibre, the target remains the same. A.E.I.O.U and the odd Y. That’d be the literary Adscamming Entitlementalists, Insufferably Obtuse and Unfit to govern. Yes. That’s it.

    The self-styled, self named and self created bit of fluffery, referroing to the so-called, allegedly “natural governing party,” does not exist. It never really did.

    If, as the Libs claim, they’re so terrific at governing, and that they’ve “governed” for 75 % of the last 100 years, how about a question or two.

    Why ignore the other 42 years of Canadian government?

    If you’re so wonderful, and have brought this wonderworking skill to bear in this land, why are there still so many snafus?

    Why Homelessness? Why Kashechewan? Why Hobema and Caledonia? Why the Bloc and the PA? Why The entire First Nations quaqmire? Why the fiasco in Healthcare? Why no daycare, if it’s been as importrant for as long as you claim? Why do you depend on $1.95 allowance per votre rec’d. and you’re fiscally stiffed by your voting base? Why did you melons believe your own lies, about which[liberal -LPC] national [liberal -LPC] political[liberal -LPC] party [liberal -LPC] is truly the [liberal -LPC] handmaiden of [liberal – LPC]Big[liberal -LPC] Business and[liberal- LPC] Bay Street? I’ll give you a hint here. The initials are The Liberal Party of Canada.

    Is there any truth to the rumour about questionable $$$ linkages between a very fiscally power-ful librano support unit and Al Suzuki/ David Gore as third party intervenor in political campaigns? I’d like to know?


    t.e& o.e.

  6. James from Vancouver
    March 11th, 2009 at 17:22 | #6

    Hah, you Conservatives have to watch you tongue now that the Kingsella is back.

    Kinsella is now also targeting the Conservative Party and Paradis for a $1M defamation suit. The famed Kinsella is also reportedly going to run the Liberals war room whenever the next election drops.

    For clarification, Kinsella advised Martin to do the opposite to what Martin actually did in response to sponsorship. Had Martin followed Kinsella’s advice he would probably still be in power instead of Harper and we would have been better positioned to weather this economic mess caused by the CPC cousins south of the border.

    Meh, it sounds like sponsorship is going to be a fraction of the $3B slush fund Harper is trying to force from the HoC…

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