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From the Inbox

January 27th, 2006

Canadians voted for change!

On Monday, millions of Canadians confirmed it: good things happen when you vote NDP. From coast to coast to coast, millions voted NDP for change that puts working Canadians at the front of the line. And they elected an exceptional team of 29 NDP MPs who will fight for them.

Monday was a good day for:

  • seniors who want more dignity.
  • families who want more opportunity for their kids.
  • people who want public health care protected.
  • people who want to see politics and our environment cleaned up.

Monday was a good day for Canadians who want to see real balance in their next Parliament.

A message from Jack Layton: “Millions of Canadians have placed their trust in this team. They know we’ll be fighting for seniors, for young people, for working families. And we won’t let them down.”

Jack Layton’s victory speech

Let’s see now, they came in 4th with a whopping 17.5% of the popular vote, and he’s giving a victory speech? His party came behind a party that only runs in one province, behind a party that is so crooked people think the surveyors were drunk, and a party that his own supporters call Nazis and dangerous. And he’s giving a victory speech? That would be like Rob Babcok giving a victory speech! Hmmm, I wonder what he said…

We’re number 4, we’re number 4!

How come Paul Martin resigns for finishing second and Jack Layton has the audacity for victory speeches? You didn’t win Jack, you don’t control the national agenda and you shouldn’t with a piddly-assed 17.5% of the vote. So thank your supporters then shut up and get on with the business of being irrelevant.



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