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General James Wolfe: The Hero of Quebec

February 17th, 2009
General James Wolfe (2 January 1727 – 13 September 1759)

General James Wolfe (2 January 1727 – 13 September 1759)

In days of yore, from Britain’s shore,
Wolfe, the dauntless hero came,

And planted firm Britannia’s flag,
On Canada’s fair domain.
Here may it wave, our boast, our pride,
And joined in love together,
The thistle, shamrock, rose entwine
The Maple Leaf forever!

Pictures, Wolfe Kicked Montcalm's Ass

  1. February 17th, 2009 at 22:03 | #1

    Nothing like good ole Canadian nationalist chauvinism!

  2. Nicola Timmerman
    February 17th, 2009 at 22:24 | #2

    Next we get rid of the Queen. After all, no more than commemoration of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, are we allowed to see her in Quebec.

  3. NeilD
    February 18th, 2009 at 01:39 | #3

    Come to Niagara Falls.
    The re-enactors (mostly Americans) would consider another venue in light of all of their vacations being interrupted in such a manner.
    I say come to Niagara Falls, Ontario where we re-enact battles from the War of 1812 all the time and love accommodating these visitors. I’ve been to one of these re-enactions myself (Battle of Lundy’s Lane) and can attest to its attention to all of the sights and sounds of war and the absolute realism behind it all but without the blood and guts. They celebrate history, not war.
    We have a largely untouched tract of land that is probably bigger than the Plains of Abraham and was the scene of one of the bloodiest battles (Battle for Chippawa) during the War of 1812.
    Wouldn’t that piss these separatists off to know that their own tourism industry will be taking a hit but ours in Niagara Falls will gain from it. If they even care.
    Write to our local newspaper ( clarocque@nfreview.com ) and let them know your feelings. Let’s try and get this event moved to Niagara Falls before it’s too late.

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