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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Jan 27, 1756 – Dec 5, 1791

January 27th, 2006

Many of you probably knew that this year celebrates the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart. But did you know today was the date on which he was born?

Mozart is widely considered to be among the top 3 composers in history. Unlike the others, I always felt Mozart would have done fine in modern times as he had a strong element of rocker about him. As it is, he composed in the latter half of the 18th century and crafted some of the finest music ever, including possibly the finest operas.

If you are wondering what to listen to tonight, throw on some Mozart – classical CD’s can usually be had fairly cheap, so go to Walmart and throw down a couple of bucks on a Mozart – try Eine kleine Nachtmusik if you can find it. If you are an Opera fan, or curious about Opera, I recommend Don Giovanni or The Marriage of Figaro: both are hilarious.

If that doesn’t suit you, and you are a Friday night movie watcher, rent 1984’s Amadeus again.

And if none of those are for you, tonight when having a drink, a glass of wine, a beer, raise a toast to Wolfgang Amadeus: I have no doubt that he would like that.

Update: I like google’s daily image.


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