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Scott Bryson “We Heart America!”

February 13th, 2009

There’s an opinion piece in today’s Post by Liberal MP Scott Bryson in which he opines on the value of a good Canadian American relationship and how Stephen Harper has done so much damage to that relationship by… what exactly, Mr. Bryson? Getting along with the American’s?

The Canada-U. S. bond transcends economics and politics. We are friends, neighbours and family. We share common values. We believe in equality, democracy and the rule of law. We face common challenges, whether in security, the environment or economic policy.

We trade $1.5-billion worth of goods and services every day across the Canada-U. S. border, and since 1989, Canada-U. S. trade has more than tripled to over $700-billion this year.

We build things together. The average North American car crosses the Canada-U. S. border the equivalent of four times before it is completed.

Each province in Canada now trades more with the United States than with other provinces. Our economies are so intertwined that if we were ever to try to separate them, it would be like trying to unscramble an omelette…

During a time of economic crisis, protectionism can turn a downturn turn into a depression.

OK, so far, I agree with everything Scott Bryson just said, and believe me, that is not something I type every century.

There is a strong vein of protectionist sentiment in the U. S. Congress. When American congressmen move forward with protectionist measures, Canada must respond immediately through established relationships. The Conservatives were so focused over the last three years on building relationships with neo-con Republicans that they neglected to build relationships with Democrats. Now that there has been a sea change in the American political landscape, Canada is disadvantaged.

Bipartisan relations that are strong during the good times help protect our joint interests during the tough times. Fixing those relationships now, during an economic crisis, is like trying to fix the roof during a rain storm.

Hold on. They aren’t even in charge anymore and Bryson is blaming the Republicans. Where was all this from Bryson when Liberal governments were calling the President of the United States a moron? Making major foreign policy announcements regarding the Americans before telling the Americans? Blaming George Bush for global warming?

Bryson is dead on, a Canadian government needs to have a bi-partisan approach to relations with American governments. But when the Liberals had the chance, they acted like spoiled, bratty, pouty teenagers.

Stephen Harper is Barack Obama’s first foreign visit, and that visit hasn’t taken place yet. Relationships take little time to destroy, but time and effort to build. Stephen Harper knows this better than some minor Liberal thinker. The Harper Conservatives were not focused on building relationships with neo-cons these last three years, they were focused on repairing the damage done by the Liberals with the sitting President. The fact Bryson spent time bashing the Conservatives for repairing that damage proves how little the Liberals understand the damage they did.

Over the past thirty years, Conservative governments have proven they know how to get along with American administrations while the Liberals, and their public relations arm in the media have mocked, protested and chided the Conservatives for doing so.  It is Liberals who have actually had difficulty getting along.

Mr. Bryson’s comments today read like a teenager scolding his parents. His vitriolic hatred of both Stephen Harper and George Bush shows through in this piece, and renders it unfit for publication in a serious paper like the National Post. It goes without adding, Scott Bryson is equally unfit for a serious position in any government.

Politicians acting badly, Silly Liberals

  1. February 13th, 2009 at 16:35 | #1

    This is rich coming from people in the party that used the word “America” as an epithet only a few short months ago.

  2. bec
    February 13th, 2009 at 17:39 | #2

    Sadly, some of the privileges that Mr Brison enjoys in this country, are not even close to being on the radar of, Mr. Obama. Yet Mr Brison, lectures us to work on a better relationship. Please, let me enjoy the hypocrisy, of his lecture.

    Well, I would prefer that our government not learn from any example that Mr Brison, richly suggests.

    We will just carry on in the classy and respectful nature that we always have, without Mr Brison’s, example or advice.

  3. wilson
    February 13th, 2009 at 19:01 | #3

    Liberals, listen up.
    Barack Obama is an American.
    He will appreciate that PMSH took the heat for having a good working relationship with an American President.
    He will appreciate that PMSH did not turn his back on the US because of an unpopular President,
    because Obama knows that he too will make unpopular choices and will be glad to know PMSH will not turn his back on him either.

    This is a quality Iffy does not have, never has had and recently proved (Dion/Rae) never will.
    Obama’s loyalty is to the United States of America, and all the worts and blemishes it has.

  4. dave
    February 13th, 2009 at 19:45 | #4

    The arrogance and ignorance of the liberals, in particular, Bryson, the failed conservative, who, once denied the leadership of the CPC quickly sought power by switching to the then liberal government, is astounding!
    The examples of the liberal exploitation of anti American rhetoric to retain power are too long to site here. That he should chastise the currant government should cause ripples of laughter and lambasting in the press but of course this hypocrisy will go unmentioned.
    Ultimately the fault once again lays with the Conservatives for its historicaly, starting around 1867, inability to attack liberals for their hypocrisy.
    Bryson is a fool if he thinks Obama gives a damn about Canada, his photo opp flyby in Ottawa is for the US press, thankfully I think Harper has the experience and fortitude to resist the charm factor and stand his ground for our country!

  5. Martin
    February 14th, 2009 at 09:45 | #5

    The Liberals never understand that the key to good relations is a business like atmosphere. Not adulation, nor childish petulence. In a 2 party system, sooner or later the government party will change. Jean Chretien and his nephew ruined relations in 2000 by shamelessly trying to interfere in the election. This was confounded by bigoted remarks from loudmouth backbenchers. Paul Martin ran two election campaigns on crude anti-American programs, as if Canada were a bannana republic.
    I predict that Harper and Obama will get along just fine, that is they will have a serious nation to nation discussion.

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