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But What Does Linda Leatherdale Think?

January 28th, 2009

For years whenever a fiscal event occurred in Canada, one of the pundits I would read the next day was Linda Leatherdale at the Toronto Sun. Linda was let go by the Sun in their mid-December bloodletting, but has not been waiting around for opportunity to knock in the interim.

Linda now has her own blog, and if your Jonesing for her budget commentary this morning, she has it:



Cash-strapped Canadian families, who are losing jobs and struggling to put food on the table, are getting a tax break in the Stephen Harper Conservatives’ “Make it or Break It” budget.

But will they ever pay for it.

After a decade of sweet surpluses in Ottawa – which made Canada the envy of the world particularly now in this biggest economic meltdown since the Great Depression – we’re heading back into the red “big-time.”

Well, you didn’t think she was going to like it, did you?  Be sure to read the whole thing.

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