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Pat Burns with Lung Cancer

January 21st, 2009

As an ex-Leaf fan my favourite year was 1992-93. That team, led by Doug Gilmour, coached by Pat Burns, was some exciting to watch after the Leafs nuclear winter of the 80’s.  The video of that season was called “The Pride is Back,” and for a  couple of years at least, it was.

Pat Burns

Pat Burns

Pat Burns will always have a special place in my, and most Leaf fans, memory banks. Almost everything about that two year period seemed magical, unreal.  Pat Burns was the best Leaf coach in 25 years, and may have been the best in the last fourty. He later won a well deserved Stanley Cup with New Jersey, but to me he proved how good he was in ’93.

Burns today announced he has lung cancer, after previous bouts with colon and liver cancer.

At Home in Hespeler wishes Pat Burns nothing but the best, and Godspeed towards a full recovery.


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