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Audacious Hope

January 20th, 2009

I was going to leave the blogging to the Obamaites today, let them have their day of celebration and hope. But then Fiat bought a 35% stake in Chrysler:

Fiat is to take 35 per cent of Chrysler as part of a deal to give both groups the scale to weather the economic storm buffeting the global motor industry.

The partnership is not a cash deal, but in return for the equity Chrysler will gain access to fuel-efficient Fiat engine and transmission technology, and Fiat will also be building two compact vehicles to expand Chrysler’s product portfolio in the US, as well as providing distribution for its vehicles in Europe.

I'll take two of these, please.

I'll take two of these, please.

Since it’s a day to celebrate hope, inside the Chrysler plant today that’s exactly what there was. The specifics will be available in April, but this deal provides real hope for Chrysler and it’s employees.

As for the new President, there’s been many an article written lately about how much he has to do, what a bad time it is to take the job. But with this announcement coming on his inauguration day, perhaps the opposite is true. Perhaps the economy has hit bottom and analysts down the road will look at this day, this deal as the day the economy started lifting off of rock bottom.

Or perhaps that’s just the hope talking. Either way, time to bone up on my Italian:

Nel paese in Hespeler ama il suo lavoro


Update: Workers hail Chrysler-Fiat deal. What this line is doing in the story, I have no clue:

One worker on his way in for the afternoon shift said he hadn’t heard the news because he was too busy watching the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama.

The Toronto Sun of yore would never have let such an off message sentence in the story.

I Love My Job

  1. Ron
    January 22nd, 2009 at 21:22 | #1

    It’ll be okay so long as ChryCo doesn’t use Fiat’s rustproofing technology.

    You would actually be able to see the factory rusting before your eyes…

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