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John Moore on Arts Funding

January 13th, 2009

Joanne at Blue Like You is praising John Moore for his “scathing column” in yesterday’s National Post. And she’s right, it is a scathing column, and John Moore is right on the money with his criticisms of CBC’s New Years eve telecast in Quebec. Perhaps taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund this sort of crap.

John Sanford Moore

John Sanford Moore

Oh-oh. John Moore doesn’t agree with that. In fact, John Moore never even mentions that the broadcast was on Société Radio-Canada, the French service of the CBC.  You would hate to opine that Moore didn’t mention that because four months ago, in the middle of an election when arts funding was an issue, John Moore came out on the side of forced funding of the arts for all taxpayers:

In most artistic media, government provides merely the additional sliver that puts events and institutions such as orchestras, theatre companies and ballets in the black: Ticket holders, not taxpayers, pay the lion’s share of the performers’ costs. And forget the idea that these performances are a clubhouse for millionaires.

And I don’t want to hear the argument that it wasn’t a major election issue, because it certainly was in John Moore’s mind:

The Prime Minister not only attacked the arts and artists but dismissed the ensuing outcry as a “niche issue”. As Winston Churchill might say, “Some issue. Some niche”.

Well John, you wanted arts funding, you got it. Don’t complain how the artists in question use their funding now. Examples like the show Bye Bye are exactly the kinds of art Conservatives used as examples during the campaign, and that argument you dismissed as “disingenuous.”

Oh, and by the way John, the most patronizing cliche? Leftists who look down on people who want the choice of were to spend their own money.

bad journalism, columnists.

  1. January 13th, 2009 at 11:26 | #1

    Seems rather hypocritical, alright. Thanks for the link. 🙂

  2. Roger
    January 13th, 2009 at 16:44 | #2

    Lets look at who we are dealing with.

    On one hand John agrees that 9/11 was done by some Muslim nutbars and not an elaborate scheme by Bush and The Jooooo’s ( BTW, the latest news is that someone saw Barbara Olsen in Europe getting Plastique Surgery to return to America) because there is NO concensus by Scientists and Engineers to go public with PROOF of a controlled demolition in N.Y. .
    BUT…..he endorses the Global Warming theory while not reading the Fine-Print that I read where the Concesus is the Margin Of Error for the Data prior to input to the Computer Model software , yes folks the IPCC
    hides this fact and it’s a whopper at a +- 20 % rate because it Implies a Historical weather pattern .
    The second fact is that only 248 Scientists out of about 400 would agree to submit their opinions for the U.N. IPCC , of those there are only about 80 Scientists who allowed the U.N. to assert the Global Warming disaster but not as a factual definitive event caused by humans.

    John also made a very telling statement during the CAW’s demands for a Auto bail-out, he had expressed a lack of support for it because Tax-Dollars should not go to fund business failures that make products people aren’t buying or even want.

    Speaking of the CBC , after 9/11 we got Little Mosque On The Prairie
    to help educate us Islamophobes that islam had nothing to do with 9/11 and that when Christian came to canada and took land from natives and forced their religion on people, it was WRONG , but now the Islam is being forced on natives that’s a different story because the CBC likes Hamas and Hezbollah while it’s the Joooo’s that cause all the trouble in Gaza .

    And speaking of Gaza…..the CBC must now educate us bigots that Hamas is a resistance group and not Terrorists that use babies and schools as shields like we see in the Zionists controlled media in Canada, so I expect that the CBC will start a new Comedy series out west called…..


    Staring Syed Ryan from the Canadian Union of Palestinian Extremists (CUPE) , Dr.Sheema (con-job) Khan , Dr.MuhamMAD el Misery , and Maher Arar’s Palestinian wife who came in 1st at the Andy Kaufman Look-alike competition 3 years in arow.
    Syed Ryan has the grumpy old dad that keeps berating him for not being a suicide bomber in Israel like the other kids did , instead we see Syed at the center of issues and meting out advice at the Local Mosque on the prairie .
    Syed finally gets married by he steals a wife from a close friend as Muahmmad did (PBUH) and he blame it on Allah, Syed steals maher arar’s wife and decides to go to israel and get a job working with the Bus Company while his wife designs suicide vests and an exploding lunch box to take on the Bus and slaughter jewish civilains as MuhaMAD El Misery asserts is legal.

    The CBC creates a spin-off Comedy series where Syed Ryan meets a wacky neighbour that works in the Tunnels to smuggle weapons into gaza from Arab nations.
    The show is called…..


    Alas, it only runs about 4 show before we here the BANG,ZOOOOOM, to the moon Allah,one of these days Allah…to the moon.
    Syed and his wife board a bus with C4 vest and blow themselves up, the show fads to black and the credits run .

    I wonder if LMOTP will run a episode with a Toronto stye rally where masked thugs yell death threat to canada and canada for being the friends of the Jooooo’s.
    Or did I miss the show already ?

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