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Comment Away

December 17th, 2008

I hesitate. Yet I can’t not do it. It came to my attention today that commenting was a problem for some people. I find comment moderation, commenting permission &tc. to be a tricky juggling act, and I’m always playing with it.

As of now, comments are wide open, and unmoderated. However, I have reservations about this. I don’t like moderating because I’m often away for long stretches of time – what with having a job and all. It kills the conversation if comments don’t appear for 10 hours. So unmoderated it is.

I’m less pleased with the idea of unregistered users. But it appears it prevents some people from commenting at all, and that’s no good. So I will try it.

I offer this warning once. Anyone who comments anonymously, and just shoots off a smart ass remark, calls people stupid, &tc. will be deleted. No questions asked! I don’t like it, and it won’t do. Any racist comments of any kind will be similarly deleted.

OK Ron, comment away.

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