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At Home in Hespeler for Senate

December 11th, 2008

Prime Minister.

Since it looks like you are going to be appointing a number of Senators in the next month, I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring. You see, I work for Chrysler, so it seems likely I will need a job soon. Don’t think of it as patronage, think of it as one less auto worker on EI. But, of course you ask, why me?

Well, Mr. Harper…. Stephen… Good buddy…

First, consider it repaying a favour. You see, it was I who got you your present job in the first place. As I pointed out then:

Back in November when the election was called, you sat at 28%-30% in the polls, a full 10 points behind Mr. Martin. On December 8th, I began “At Home in Hespeler“, and soon thereafter your fortunes began to rise. … Stephen, Mr. Prime Minister, Sir, it wasn’t until I got in the game, and I got comfortable and found my blogging voice that your numbers improved. Today, you are the Right Honourable.

And then there’s all the advice I have provided:

Well since the CBC, Dalton Mcguinty, David Miller and a cabal of detractors feel entitled to give you advice, so shall I. If you are smart you would print it out, take it to the P.A.M.S. Coffee outlet in Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre. Throw in a couple of bucks and you’ll be good for a White Chocolate Mocha Latte, which is truly excellent on one of those cold Ottawa winter days.

I trust you enjoyed your coffee.

Lets not forget that we are old friends you and I. When we met, I didn’t bother you with pesky questions about policy, about Arctic Sovereignty or Free trade, I enquired about the family. (Took some heat for that too, but what am I supposed to ask in thirty seconds?)

Anyway Stephen… Steve. I might just need a job, and you might just have a job, seems like a good fit. I have worked 20 years in “the real world,” showing up for work rain or snow. I’ll not embarrass you by not coming to work. I even like Ottawa.

So Mr. Prime Minister, return a favour here, and consider At Home in Hespeler for a senate seat.

At Home in the senate

  1. paulsstuff
    December 11th, 2008 at 14:07 | #1

    Forget it. I work at the Brampton plant as well and there is only one senate seat open for Ontario.

    How about we handle this like grown-ups to decide who gets the seat?

    Say maybe, Rock-Paper-Scissors:0)

  2. Brian
    December 11th, 2008 at 23:39 | #2

    Actually I believe there’s two Ontario seats. Not that both would go to the Brampton plant.

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