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"There is no words…

November 11th, 2008

… or you wouldn’t have enough film, and I don’t have enough time to thank them from the bottom of my heart for respecting my son.” Darlene Chushman:

Darlene Cushman is mother Trooper Darryl Caswell who was killed by a roadside bomb on Monday June 11, 2007:

Trooper Darryl Caswell was the 57th Canadian death in Afghanistan since 2002. The 25-year-old was driving a Coyote armoured vehicle when it was hit by a roadside bomb. Two others were in the vehicle and were injured. The vehicle was part of a convoy delivering supplies to a forward operating base in Shahwali Kot district.

Col. Mike Cessford, deputy commander of the Canadian mission said the bombing was typical of insurgent tactics who try to avoid direct combat with better armed and trained NATO troops when possible.

“It is a tactical weakness,” he said.

Trooper Caswell was born in Bowmanville, Ont. and grew up and lived in a number of communities around the province. He had been serving in Afghanistan since January with the Royal Canadian Dragoons and was scheduled to return to Canada at the end of July.

Tom Blackwell snapped this photo of Trooper Caswell’s vehicle which shows significant damage to the front of the Coyote. The DND also has more information on the vehicle.

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