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Windows 7? No Thanks.

November 6th, 2008

I bought Windows Vista when it first came out a couple of springs ago. At first I quite liked it, but as it’s propensity to crash has increased, as I am looking at my third re-format in less than two years because Vista can’t seem to handle life in the 21st century, Microsoft hopes I’m game to step up and try the newest Windows product, Windows 7:

Microsoft Corp.’s latest Windows operating system was unveiled yesterday and it appears to be a faster, sleeker and simpler version of its shoddy predecessor, according to industry observers.

Now, after calming the hysteria of technology enthusiasts who dismissed Microsoft’s Windows Vista for being bloated and difficult to use, the software giant faces another challenge convincing millions of computer users and businesses to buy Windows 7 while mired in poor global economic conditions…

“I don’t expect businesses and consumers to hesitate upgrading to Windows 7 as Microsoft is likely to have its vast ecosystem primed for its release,” said Kevin Restivo, a software market analyst with IDC Canada.

Some of Windows 7’s features are a quiet acknowledgement of Vista’s main short comings: its poor device compatibility with other devices and slow start-up speeds.

Memo to Microsoft: Never again! My next machine will either be a Mac or, if I go all cheapskate (which I’m apt to do), pre-loaded with Linux. The only way I put Windows anything on a future machine is if you comp me a version of the W7, complete with apologies for my Vista experience. Since I don’t imagine you even care about the unhappy costomer at this end of the keyboard, I’ll continue pricing Macs with a special glint in my eye.

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  1. egerrits
    November 6th, 2008 at 08:59 | #1

    While I am no fan if Microsoft or Windows, working in a business/office environment doesn’t give me much choice. I make it a point NEVER to upgrade to a new OS when it comes out. I wait at least until the first SP1 comes out. I waited buying a new computer this year until Vista SP1 came standard. I am happy to say, it hasn’t crashed yet and seems to be running just great. Having said that, there are a great nunmber of things that annoy me about Vista and only a handful of things that I like. I haven’t upgraded any old computer from XP PRO yet and I am not going to until software stops running.

  2. Marc Bernard
    November 6th, 2008 at 09:09 | #2

    I’ve been using Vista for a year-and-a-half and I haven’t had one blue-screen. It’s fast, clean, works well. I’ve disabled a lot of the cruft (indexing service, etc.) and I’ve been really pleased with it.

    Is that screen shot from your computer crashing? That’s probably a hardware related crash – bad driver or memory.



  3. Brian
    November 6th, 2008 at 11:40 | #3

    eggerits: Don’t upgrade is a rule I usually follow too, but for various reasons I broke it this time. I regret it daily. Also I have all the upgrades, including the service pack, which solved no visible problems.


    The blue screen of death shot was not my computer, I just put it for visual interest – maybe that’s misleading and if so I apologize.

    What I get is video crashes, where my monitor goes nuts, then either, I’m in 640x 480 mode or frozen. The solution? Upgrade the driver for my on-board video card that MS never created for Vista.

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