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Fare The Well Toronto Sun

October 6th, 2008

So I head to my Quickie Mart this AM for my usual news purchase, which amounts to The National Post and the Toronto Sun: price $2.03. Today the familiar voice behind the counter says “$2.53 please.”

“Huh?” says I.

“The sun is now $1.50.”

A dollar-fifty to buy the Toronto Sun. Lately I have been reading it thinking, what am I wasting my time with this crap for. The quality of the Sun has never been astounding, but they always had writers. Lately, they seem to be hiring from the can’t quite cut it at the Star club.

So it is, that at my house, the asteroid has hit my Toronto Sun habit as of today. I can’t imagine too many people paying a fifty percent price increase for a deteriorating product (that’s available for free anyway) in an increasingly difficult marketplace. But the geniuses who brought you Paul Berton and Rob Granatstein think differently, and who am I to argue with success like that?

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