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Can’t the Mounties Read the Paper?

July 10th, 2008

I’m having a hard time with Warren Kinsella’s argument that the Conservatives should call in the RCMP about the alleged threat made against the PM and his wife by Liberal Riding President Jane Cornelius. For one thing, this is clearly a joke and I don’t see any threat implied. But taking lawyer Kinsella as accurate that this is a proper police matter, shouldn’t the Mounties then investigate without a formal complaint? It’s not like it’s an obscure matter: it’s in every newspaper, on every newscast in the land.

If a law was broken then a police force has a duty to pull someone off generating revenue through the highway traffic act duty and investigate. If no law was broken then all the Conservatives would be doing is sicking the government in all it’s power on an innocent private citizen. His detractors like to call Harper a bully: surely calling the RCMP to investigate a joke would prove them right.

If Kinsella is correct that a formal investigation is required into Jane Cornelius and the St. Catherines Liberal newsletter, I do sincerely hope the RCMP is on it. Otherwise best to let it rest and use such articles defensively when an election comes around.

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