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Paris under the Nazi’s

April 24th, 2008

A small fuss is being raised in Paris as a photographic exhibit of “the only major collection of colour pictures taken during the 1940 to 1944 occupation of Paris.” The pictures, by French photographer Andre Zucca, who worked for the Nazi propaganda magazine Signal, are of Parisians enjoying life in the French capital during the German occupation of Paris.

Controversy has been ongoing as many want the pictures banned. The Parisian government has ordered that city historians provide additional information on the images to visitors:

Visitors are now handed an information sheet, written in French, English and Spanish, explaining that Zucca “has opted for a vision that doesn’t show — or hardly shows — the reality of occupation and its tragic aspects.”

While on the subject of World War II and Nazi’s, next Monday marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Oskar Schindler, the German industrialist who is credited with saving the lives of almost 1,200 Jews during the German occupation of Poland, and the subject of the 1993 movie Schindler’s List.

I think it would be a good weekend for a Steven Spielberg movie.

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