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Michael Bryant Goes Hollywood

February 29th, 2008

Yesterday I ranted somewhat about how completely useless our Provincial politicians have been lately. Today comes a series of videos by Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant standing around Caledonia with a Tim Horton’s coffee talking about the unrest there, and saying things like “here’s the bridge; there’s the river.”

Kinsella calls it a smart use of new technology, but really shouldn’t smart use of any technology involve professionalism. The wind blown microphones, Bryant speaks with more “umms” than a Paris Hilton video and jerks around, shrugging and pointing all over the place. This could be smart use of new technology if it was done better (hire a teenager with a cell phone, they’ll tell you how to do it) and the subject matter wasn’t the complete abdication of the rule of law.

Silly Liberals, Silly Politicians

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