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Old Whores Meet Drunken Sailors

February 18th, 2008

The federal Conservatives are claiming the Liberals have promised spending commitments and “promising tax dollars to special interest after special interest, writing IOU after IOU,” according to Industry Minister Jim Prentice. The result, according to a Conservative report, would be to add $62.5B debt over the next four years.

Predictably, the Liberals have fired back with John McCallum, calling it a shoddy, dishonest document.” All that spending would be phased in, thus, it’s OK claims McCallum. The Liberals further suggest that the report is “pre-election stunt designed to distract from the Harper government’s own free-spending ways.”

Let’s see, the Conservatives say Dion’s Liberals… spend too much, the Liberals say Harper’s Conservatives… spend too much.

Enough! You both spend too much! Listening to John McCallum and Jim Prentice argue over which party spends too much is like listening to two old hookers accusing each other of nymphomania. And sadly, the opposition to these two parties, Jack Layton, Elizabeth May and Gilles Duceppe would argue that what the other two really need is to get laid once in a while.

A sexually transmitted pox on all their houses – the whole damn lot of syphilitic old whores.

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  1. Ron
    February 18th, 2008 at 20:05 | #1

    The Liberals must be worried about the announcement; they sicked the CBC on Minister Prentice. Susan Bonner on Politics was extemely partisan and biased and spent the entire segment parroting Liberal arguments and spin. Disgusting, dispicable, hateful and thoroughly Liberal. I demand Elections Canada count the CBC expencses againgst Liberal spending limits during the election. On a different note, is anyone else worried at the state of our banks if someone like McCallum could rise to the top levels. That man is certainly a few notes short of a full safe.

  2. Wayne
    February 18th, 2008 at 21:55 | #2

    Good point about McCallum and the banks. hadn’t considered that before. Time to put the cash under the mattress.

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