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Saturday Fluffernutter: Amy in video/investigation/rehab; Britney’s paparazzi pal; The Razzies; RIP Suzanne Pleshette and Heath Ledger.

January 26th, 2008

The nutty stories from the fluffy world of celebrities.

The new James Bond movie has a title: Quantum of Solace. Formerly called Bond 22, filming is moving along well. This week it was reported that filming will move to Bregenz in western Austria, on the edge of Lake Constance in April. Quantum of Solace is currently filming in London with Daniel Craig back as James Bond, Bond girls Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurylenko and villain Mathieu Amalric.

Trouble Child Amy Winehouse was seen smoking what appears to be crack in a video obtained by Britain’s The Sun newspaper this week (the offending puff is at about the 2:00 mark). Coming in the same week as Heath Ledger’s death, the video is disturbing, to say the least. Police have obtained a copy of the video and are investigating. Winehouse meanwhile has apparently gone, gone gone into rehab, hopefully for real.

It’s Razzie time again, when the folks at the Golden Raspberry Awards give out their hardware for worst movies and performances of the past year. I Know Who Killed Me, the Lindsay Lohan vehicle topped the list with nine nominations, however, Eddie Murphy set a record with five personal nominations – and one wasn’t his wedding video.

Oliver Stone has announced he is making a movie about President George W. Bush starring Josh Brolin as the President. Stone promises it won’t be “a hatchet job.”

Of course it won’t, Hollywood loves and respects it’s president.

This week’s Led Zeppelin rumour, courtesy of Ramble On: Jimmy Page will hold a press conference in Tokyo Monday, presumably to announce new Led Zeppelin shows: don’t be holding your breath, however. It seems unlikely the press shy Page would make such an announcement independently.

Britney dates paparazzi; Britney dumps paparazzi; paparazzi sells intimate pictures of their relationship. Hey, it’s what paparazzi do, did nobody tell Britney this? But really, they were only together two weeks, how intimate can the pictures be?

Through all this, his wife has filed for divorce. Didn’t Britney steal K-Daddy from some other woman too? And what, prey tell, will the presiding judge on the divorce make of intimate pictures he took of Britney Spears while still married?

Saddened to hear the news of Suzanne Pleshette‘s death at age 70. She always seemed a classy lady in an industry routinely short of class of any kind. Bob was right, however: she should have worn sweaters more often.

It’s hard to come up with something to say about Heath Ledger’s sudden death at age 28 this week. In an age when much of the world is expecting a Britney/Lindsay/Amy death notice at any time, did anyone pick Heath Ledger to die of, what appears to be at this stage, a drug overdose. He seemed one of the more down to earth young stars and his passing can only be seen as a shock and a tragedy – especially so for his young daughter, two year old Matilda.

What is strangest in all this though is why anybody, upon finding somebody lifeless in bed, would call Mary-Kate Olsen. Ashley, sure, but dear God! call 911, then Mary-Kate Olsen.

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