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Journalists, Your Intellectual Superiors…

August 31st, 2015
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Canadian journalist Kate Heartfield from The Ottawa Citizen in August 2010, as quoted in an email, on Hillary Clinton’s illegal, unsecured email server (search either Canada, or Kate Heartfelt – it’ll be the first email, headed  “Article I mentioned from Canada”):

The U.S. Department of State has made it very clear: The security of information on BlackBerrys is not just about economics.

It’s also, in the words of spokesman P. J. Crowley, “about what we think is an important element of democracy, human rights and freedom of information … You should be opening up societies to these new technologies that have the opportunity to empower people …”

Canada’s government has made, at least in public, no such link between BlackBerrys and democratization…

But there is no Hillary Clinton pushing the government to do better

The gist of the story is, those secretive, mean old Conservatives need to get on the e-communication bandwagon, like Hillary.

If only Stephen Harper had set up an email server in my spare bathroom like I recommended.

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