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Man molests four 12-year old girls…

January 29th, 2013

“I’m satisfied that this behaviour arose not out of paedophilia, although these were paedophile acts,” the judge told the man before handing him a 2-year suspended sentence…

Oh wait:

Amanda Wheeler, 31, downed vodka, beer and wine at a friend’s birthday party before kissing and groping a 12-year-old boy on a bench.

She then performed a lap-dance and straddled a group of teenage boys.

The part-time cleaner also bit a 13-year-old boy on his neck and persuaded him to perform a sex act on her.

Ah, yes, the I was too drunk to realize lap-danicng for a 12-year old is inappropriate defence. But, of course, one must think of the children, errr, her children:

It is because and only because of the …impact of the sentence to be served upon your children that I think it is appropriate to step back and suspend the sentence.

Because, when a woman does it, she gets to keep custody of her children.

Sickening, both her and Judge Patrick Thomas.

The world is being run by crazy people

Journalistic Integrity: The Sport of Juxtaposition…

January 10th, 2013
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Steve Simmons, June 5, 2012: “And there is one simple problem with all the stories going around and around: They’re not true.”

Steve Simmons January 9, 2013: “… the question being asked everywhere I travelled, with too many stories – some false, some true – being spread around…”


Steve Simmons, June 5, 2012: “(Brian) Burke isn’t stepping down as president and general manager of the Leafs.

He isn’t taking a leave of absence from his post.

And he isn’t about to be fired…”

Steve Simmons January 10, 2013: “one source told me in June that Burke would not manage one more game with the Leafs…”


In Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario…

January 9th, 2013

So you voted for Dalton Mcguinty: how’s that working out for you?


Say your a teacher, had to have him. Heaven forbid Tim Hudak win, and you have to deal with someone overseeing the tax-payers money who counts it before he hands it out. So you put together a website two elections in a row, the Working Families Coalition you called it. You spent a fortune of non-election expense dollars. You would have your guy no matter what: democracy be damned. Stand up guy that Dalton, yes?

the head of the local secondary teachers‘ union said he’d be shocked if teachers did start volunteering again after having their democratic rights “stomped on” by Minister of Education Laurel Broten

Ah yes, those democratic rights.

The thing is, I’m somewhat sympathetic to the teachers position. They’re right, instead of negotiating in any recognizable form of good faith, he bullied them with legislation, forced them to take his terms. If a private sector employer tried to do what he did, the like of Dalton McGuinty would have them in front of the magistrate. Problem is, this is who McGuinty is, this is who he has been for ten years now, and he is the teachers guy. They went all in for him, and the fact he treated you like you are a rural landowner should surprise you not. The fact it does surprise the teachers, combined with the fact they are in charge of developing our young people’s critical thinking, is worrying.

But never mind the teachers. You didn’t vote for Dalton McGuinty because of the teachers. Living in a lakefront condo in downtown Toronto you have no kids to be taught – or to pay the tab for all these expenditures over their working lives. No, what you care about is that your morning (and late afternoon) latte is steamed using carbon-free electricity. You vote for the Dalton because you love the environment, and so does he.

Last spring an eagle built a nest on the ledge of one of the neighboring condos. The person who lives in the apartment overlooking the nest set up a webcam and ran live streaming video 24/7 of the eagle and her eaglets. After your long day of work you would come home and drink half-a-bottle of California Zinfandel watching the eaglets. It was so inspiring. So, you see, you care about the environment, and therefore you vote McGuinty because of the green energy act. It’s all about the eaglets…

(H/t SDA)

Ah, but maybe you don’t need to work for Nextera to know: it’s Stephen Harper’s fault. For example, healthcare.

Worked all your life, paid those taxes, that rotten Tim Hudak would have imposed user fees to access the system you’ve been paying into all your life. It was hard saving money while working, raising a family and paying 40% of what you make to the government, but you did it, and now you can enjoy those retirement years. Last thing you want or need is a healthcare user fee:

Ontario will consider co-payments based on income for home care services currently provided at no cost to the province’s seniors.

C’est la vie. Your just a kid anyway. Not yet old enough to vote, or just old enough and you wandered down to the makeshift polling booth at the University of Guelph. Put your big old X right there beside McGuinty, Dalton (L). Hey, it’s your future, and you want to own it. Congratulations, you just bought it, all of it, lock stock and barrel. Not that you’ll like what you bought, but make no mistake, when the bills come due, you’ll be the guy paying. Those healthcare user fees? You won’t believe the fees they have by the time you get there. That 40% tax rate to pay for all that free healthcare? it’ll be closer to 60% than 40 by the time your done, and the only free healthcare will be the healthcare your grandpa got and left that big bill for.

And then there’s E-Health, Ornge and a whack of other spending scandals. You’ll pay for all of it, but don’t ask where the money went: Finance Minister Dwight Duncan has a word for people who do that: cowards.

Dalton Dalton Dalton, Silly Liberals

And so begins a new NHL season for Leaf fans…

January 9th, 2013

I was never on the Brian Burke bandwagon. I remember before he was hired, everybody on town saying he was the only guy. And I wondered what they saw in him that I simply didn’t. But his firing now, at this time, is bizarre to me. At the end of last season sure, even over the summer once new ownership was in place. But now, some 20-games with his new coach and days before training camp starts?

So if you’re a Leaf fan who thought, young team, shortened season with extra long break before, if Jimmy Reimer can put together the kind of January to April run he did 2-years ago, this could work – sorry about your luck, it’s all starting from scratch.

And here’s a question, isn’t Dave Nonis the pro-Louongo go on the management team? sigh

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