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Saturday Fluffernutter: Nutter, Fluffernutter Edition

February 5th, 2011
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All the fluffy news about those nutty celebrities

fluffincolorNext year marks the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise. The producers at MGM have decided that to celebrate they would have a new movie with the pouty man-child Bond, and have a special event in which they would bring back all the actors who have played Bond to discuss the role.fluff2

Problem: Sean Connery has turned them down, not citing the complete wimpification of the character by the current Bond-holder. We here at Fluffernutter World Headquarters are betting that’s the reason anyway.

fluffincolorReview in Brief: Barney’s Version: Sublime!

fluffincolorIf you ever wondered where those great copies of movies that hit the internet before the movie is even out come from, consider the following:

Police are investigating the theft of a DVD of the Mel Gibson movie, The Beaver. The DVD was stolen from Gibson’s mailbox.

Directed by Jodie Foster and starring Foster and Gibson, The Beaver is due for release on March 23, but now, coming soon to an interwebs near you.

fluffincolorNosing through Oscar nominations, I noted that Paul Giamatti was not nominated for his role of Barney Panofsky in Barney’s Version.

Let it be said, without hesitation, that whoever wins the Best Actor Oscar was the second best actor this year – third best if his name isn’t Colin Firth.

fluffincolorLast week it was emergency hernia surgery after Charlie Sheen attempted to lift his pay cheque. This week it’s rehab for Wild Thing Vaughn after his cocaine and hookers binge gone bad, also known as the weekend.

Charlie is, according to his manager, “looking forward to regaining his sobriety.”

Personally, I look forward to when he gets a good look at ex-wife Denise Richards while sober, and realizes what those hookers really cost him.

fluffincolorFarrah Fawcett… Swimsuit… Smithsonian…


fluffincolorWe aren’t even done with the Charlie Sheen bevy of hookers; briefcase full of cocaine; rehab cycle and here comes Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan was the last celebrity story cycle and here she comes again. Ms. Lohan is being investigated by Los Angeles Police after a $2,500 necklace was stolen from an LA jewellery store. Surveillance footage apparently shows Lohan wearing the necklace before it disappeared.

A Lohan flunky returned the necklace to police, who were considering executing a search warrant before it was turned in.

This is Lohan’s third time being involved in a missing jewellery story. She was investigated after gems went missing from a photo shoot in 2009. A Beverly Hills jeweller also threatened legal action after she reportedly failed to return $2M worth of pieces loaned to her for an event.

The investigation continues.

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Cycroft Gleaner

February 4th, 2011

Blogger and photographer Russ Campbell has a long running blog and is usually quite thoughtful in his opinions.

Photo Russ Campbell. Photo used without permission, but we hope he understands.

Photo Russ Campbell. Photo used without permission, but we hope he understands.

He is also a photographer, and if offered the bet, would guess he prefers the photography to the writing. His book, Cycroft Birds, can be bought here.

Now you can add a news aggregator to the list of web pages Russ keeps up, as he is now running the Cycroft Gleaner. The aggregator is, “news and opinion coverage, with a focus on Canada and the United States and the issues that make up North American politics.”

At Home in Hespeler will be adding The Cycroft Gleaner to the sidebar in the very near future.

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Cool For Cats Friday – Sex and the Political Wife Edition

February 4th, 2011
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If only Canadian politics could be more like this. Sally Bercow is the wife of the Speaker of the House at Westminster, John Bercow. She has given interviews discussing her binge drinking and one-night stands – although she steadfastly denies she ever used cocaine. In her latest interview she posed in a bed sheet and discussed how good her and his honorable’s sex life was now that they lived in Westminster:

I never realised how sexy I would find living under Big Ben with the bells chiming.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mrs. The Speaker of the House


And fully clothed


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Do Prairie Dogs Have Shadows in Snow Storms?

February 2nd, 2011
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This is news? In the middle of “snowmageddon©” a groundhog doesn’t see his shadow.

But while your shoveling out feel happy in the knowledge that the rodent predicts an early spring. And he’s never wrong

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