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Not Drinking the Stimulus Kool Aid

January 23rd, 2009

I have been puzzled by what to say about the reported $35B budget deficit for next year. Flabbergasted begins to explain my reaction, but the larger question is, what was the point of saving the government from the coalition of the economorons? So the Conservatives could outspend them? Harper should have let the opposition take ownership of this kind of deficit, and fought them on it when they cannibalized themselves.

Today, Stephen Harper is queried by Sun Media. Believe it or not he calls this a majority government budget except for, “a couple of things where we’re making concessions to the opposition we wouldn’t normally make…”

Seriously Stephen Harper, economist, you would create a $35B deficit with a majority? Finally we have found that mysterious hidden agenda.

Meanwhile John McCallum was earlier this week blaming the Tories for the upcoming budget deficit because they increased spending and cut taxes in the past couple of years. But hold on, the Liberals are demanding stimulus. Threatened to topple the government because there wasn’t enough stimulus in the fall update. In fact, John McCallum said this recently:

Finally, this government is talking about a real stimulus, which is what other countries have been doing for months.

(And what have other governments been doing John McCallum? In Britain, they cut the VAT, their version of the GST. Is that the tax cut Prime Minister Harper shouldn’t have made? Like the “other countries have been doing…”?)

But, if spending and tax cuts provided stimulus, and the Tories have been spending and cutting taxes, how did we get into a recession. The reason is simple: all that spending doesn’t really provide stimulus, and tax cuts provide some, but minimal. When government spends money, it must first take it out of the economy, there is no stimulus, just money moving from one area of the economy to another, usually from productive to non-productive.

As for the idea of building roads. There are only so many machines capable of building them, so many people capable of operating what machines there are. If you start throwing money into road building what you end up with is not more people working, more roads built, but more expensive roads and the people who work on them making more money.

So Prime Minister Harper, save us the nonsense about stimulus. Let the government fall, let John McCallum tender a $35B deficit budget, and fight them hard when their coalition eventually falls.

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Does She Have Any Idea…

January 23rd, 2009

what she just said?

“…they do a lot of touching, kissing… even fisting? with one another.”

Oh my!

h/t The Mayor


Perhaps They’ll Win This Time

January 22nd, 2009

Overlooking Greenwich from the Royal Observatory

When I was in England a year ago December, we stayed in Blackheath, which is a ten or fifteen minute walk from the Greenwich Observatory. The observatory was once used as a guide for ships coming into London on the Thames. It sits on a hill overlooking Greenwich, and all of London really. Outside the observatory, facing the river is a statue of General Wolfe: “The Hero of Quebec,” it reads. I can’t imagine how that must grate on Quebecois who come to have their picture taken straddling the Prime Meridian.

However, a short story gives an idea:

How long does it take for old wounds to heal? Apparently, when the injury came at the hands of the British on the Plains of Abraham, 250 years is not long enough.

Agnes Maltais, Parti Quebecois MNA for the Quebec City riding of Taschereau, is outraged that federal Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Josee Verner plans to attend a re-enactment this summer of the battle of the Plains of Abraham. The skirmish will mark the 250th anniversary of the battle, in which the British under General Wolfe defeated General Louis-Joseph Montcalm’s French forces, bringing an end to French rule over what is now Quebec.

The Hero of Quebec

The Hero of Quebec

A Quebec MNA, with nothing better to do on his plate, what with the worst recession since 1982 raging on, complains that a federal cabinet minister, with nothing better to do, what with the worst recession since 1982 raging on, will attend a re-enactment of this historic ass-kicking.

What’s needed in this country is somebody of General Wolfe’s fortitude, to lay another can of whoop-ass on these Quebec MNA’s and stop their whining.


Pat Burns with Lung Cancer

January 21st, 2009
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As an ex-Leaf fan my favourite year was 1992-93. That team, led by Doug Gilmour, coached by Pat Burns, was some exciting to watch after the Leafs nuclear winter of the 80’s.  The video of that season was called “The Pride is Back,” and for a  couple of years at least, it was.

Pat Burns

Pat Burns

Pat Burns will always have a special place in my, and most Leaf fans, memory banks. Almost everything about that two year period seemed magical, unreal.  Pat Burns was the best Leaf coach in 25 years, and may have been the best in the last fourty. He later won a well deserved Stanley Cup with New Jersey, but to me he proved how good he was in ’93.

Burns today announced he has lung cancer, after previous bouts with colon and liver cancer.

At Home in Hespeler wishes Pat Burns nothing but the best, and Godspeed towards a full recovery.


Audacious Hope

January 20th, 2009

I was going to leave the blogging to the Obamaites today, let them have their day of celebration and hope. But then Fiat bought a 35% stake in Chrysler:

Fiat is to take 35 per cent of Chrysler as part of a deal to give both groups the scale to weather the economic storm buffeting the global motor industry.

The partnership is not a cash deal, but in return for the equity Chrysler will gain access to fuel-efficient Fiat engine and transmission technology, and Fiat will also be building two compact vehicles to expand Chrysler’s product portfolio in the US, as well as providing distribution for its vehicles in Europe.

I'll take two of these, please.

I'll take two of these, please.

Since it’s a day to celebrate hope, inside the Chrysler plant today that’s exactly what there was. The specifics will be available in April, but this deal provides real hope for Chrysler and it’s employees.

As for the new President, there’s been many an article written lately about how much he has to do, what a bad time it is to take the job. But with this announcement coming on his inauguration day, perhaps the opposite is true. Perhaps the economy has hit bottom and analysts down the road will look at this day, this deal as the day the economy started lifting off of rock bottom.

Or perhaps that’s just the hope talking. Either way, time to bone up on my Italian:

Nel paese in Hespeler ama il suo lavoro


Update: Workers hail Chrysler-Fiat deal. What this line is doing in the story, I have no clue:

One worker on his way in for the afternoon shift said he hadn’t heard the news because he was too busy watching the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama.

The Toronto Sun of yore would never have let such an off message sentence in the story.

I Love My Job

ShutterBugging Picture of the Day: The Inaugural Site

January 20th, 2009
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The Inaugural Site

The Inaugural Site

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Militant Druids?

January 18th, 2009

Somedays you just feel like the world hasn’t exactly gone to hell so much as it has descended into such a cultural and intellectual abyss that hell itself is well above our station.

Case in point:

A group of militant Druids has forced an expensive official inquiry after demanding that a museum releases a 4,000-year-old skeleton called ‘Charlie’ so they can rebury it.

They claim the bones of a young girl and seven other sets of prehistoric remains excavated near the ancient stone circle in Avebury, Wiltshire, are their ‘tribal ancestors’.

If their claim is rejected, they have threatened to take a test case to the High Court under the Human Rights Act.

That’s the world has gone to hell part. Now for the cultural and intellectual abyss stuff:

Spinal Tap Stonehenge

Spinal Tap Stonehenge

They claim that remains in the museum include their ancestors Hawk, from the ancient Order of the Sidhe, and Lydia, Swordbearer of the Glastonbury Outer Order of Druids…

A breakaway Arthurian Warband faction, led by the self-styled Uther Pendragon, who claims to be the reincarnation of King Arthur, demands an end to all archaeological digs around henges and barrows.

‘The Warband split away from us so we have two groups calling themselves the Council of British Druid Orders,’ said Mr Davies.

A breakaway group of druids, who claim legitimacy based on their leader being the reincarnation of a fictional character? And of course, those British, never quite willing to call a crazy man crazy:

English Heritage said it recognised there were ‘sensitive issues’ involved and that it had to balance the claims of the Druids against the public interest.

When we look back on what was once British culture, it won’t be the Mohammedanists whose feet we will ultimately lay blame, but people who are too bureaucratically frightened to go on record as calling “militant druids,” crazies who should be ignored.


Picture of the Day: Lincoln Memorial

January 15th, 2009
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Lincoln Memorial and the Reflection Pool

Lincoln Memorial and the Reflection Pool

From Shutterbugging

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Obama Inauguration Declared “Emergency.”

January 14th, 2009

When you think State of Emergency, you think Hurricane Katrina, wildfires in California, avalanche in B.C. But the inauguration  of a President?

President Bush has declared a “state of emergency” in the District for Inauguration day.

The politicians truly have no shame.

To call the inauguration  an  emergency for any reason, by any justification, is to abuse the power of government.


BBS Blogging Tories Site of the Week

January 14th, 2009
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The Blue Blogging Soapbox Blogging Tories Site of the Week forthe week of January 11th is:

The Torch

“To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high.”

The Torch is an honourary nominee this week, with an ulterior motive involved. The Torch’s founder, Damian Brooks

has been invited to Afghanistan as an official CF blogger. Damian is an RMC grad and former CF officer. His efforts, through The Torch,  have helped bring issues about the CF to the fore and kept them there. As a former member of the CF, like myself, Damian wears his heart on his sleeve. (I have to make special exceptions for his being a ground pounder, but that’s to be understood. When I joined the military I could read, write and sign my name, which is why I ended up in the Navy as opposed to the Army or Air Force! In the Navy GRUNT has a special meaning – Government Reject Unfit for Naval Training.  )

All kidding aside, contrary to unpopular petty partisan opinion, there isn’t a more qualified representative of the blogosphere to send to Afghanistan to report on things from an informed citizen’s perspective.

Damian will have to shoulder numerous expenses to make this trip happen. Please consider donating to help him defray the costs. Even if you can’t donate, you can help by blogging about his trip and posting a copy of the Chip-In widget in either your blog post or side-bar. Our goal is to help raise $2000.00 dollars. Let’s make it happen!

Click on the widget to the right to donate.


John Moore on Arts Funding

January 13th, 2009

Joanne at Blue Like You is praising John Moore for his “scathing column” in yesterday’s National Post. And she’s right, it is a scathing column, and John Moore is right on the money with his criticisms of CBC’s New Years eve telecast in Quebec. Perhaps taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund this sort of crap.

John Sanford Moore

John Sanford Moore

Oh-oh. John Moore doesn’t agree with that. In fact, John Moore never even mentions that the broadcast was on Société Radio-Canada, the French service of the CBC.  You would hate to opine that Moore didn’t mention that because four months ago, in the middle of an election when arts funding was an issue, John Moore came out on the side of forced funding of the arts for all taxpayers:

In most artistic media, government provides merely the additional sliver that puts events and institutions such as orchestras, theatre companies and ballets in the black: Ticket holders, not taxpayers, pay the lion’s share of the performers’ costs. And forget the idea that these performances are a clubhouse for millionaires.

And I don’t want to hear the argument that it wasn’t a major election issue, because it certainly was in John Moore’s mind:

The Prime Minister not only attacked the arts and artists but dismissed the ensuing outcry as a “niche issue”. As Winston Churchill might say, “Some issue. Some niche”.

Well John, you wanted arts funding, you got it. Don’t complain how the artists in question use their funding now. Examples like the show Bye Bye are exactly the kinds of art Conservatives used as examples during the campaign, and that argument you dismissed as “disingenuous.”

Oh, and by the way John, the most patronizing cliche? Leftists who look down on people who want the choice of were to spend their own money.

bad journalism, columnists.

The Sidebar Girls

January 12th, 2009
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The girls on my sidebar links are having a good day.

First, last day to vote for Kate at SDA for Best Conservative Blog. Vote once every 24 hours, which means you have one last crack at it.

Then there’s Right Girl, who if you can get CTS on your TV (and most Canadians can), will be on the Michael Coren show tonight at 8:00.

I’ll be watching Wendy.


Happy 65th Birthday…

January 9th, 2009
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Dr. Jimmy Page, OBE.

It hardly seems right. Proof that the world really is running amok. Jimmy Page OBE, was strange enough. Dr. Jimmy Page, almost beyond words. Jimmy Page, senior citizen is almost too much to bear.


The only man in the world who can make a pair of pants with a dragon crawling up the leg seem cool, a true master of the guitar, the guy who put the Led in the Zeppelin, Jimmy Page is today 65 years old.

At Home in Hespeler mourns his youth, and celebrates some of the finest music ever made.  With luck, Jimmy Page will spend part of his 65th year on various stages around the world, spreading the gospel, astounding the believers.

Happy 65th Birthday Jimmy Page.

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Time to Vote Liberal

January 9th, 2009
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At least if you live in Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock. It is the one chance conservative voters in Ontario have of ridding themselves of John Tory:

Dissension in Progressive Conservative ranks will subside now that leader John Tory… has convinced MPP Laurie Scott (Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock) to resign so he can contest a by-election that could get him into the Legislature as early as March…

Senior Liberals, meanwhile, say the party will field a candidate against Tory, but McGuinty will expedite the by-election call so the PC leader could be back in the House when MPPs return from March break on March 23.

If Tory loses the by-election, it would be hard to imagine a scenario where even Tory has the gall to continue as leader.

In the 2007 election Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock was won by PC candidate Laurie Scott with virtually 50% of the vote. Second place went to the Liberal candidate, Rick Johnson, with 30%. The NDP was at almost 12% and the Greenies 8%. What this means is it’s time for conservative voters in HKLB to swallow hard and do the unthinkable, vote Liberal.


This Pretty Much Sum Up How I Feel…

January 9th, 2009
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about Windows Vista

Windoes 7

Windows 7

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