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Jim Belushi and the Bright Stars of SNL

May 7th, 2007
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I laughed out loud when I saw today’s Toronto Sun entertainment poll:

Who was the brightest star to ever emerge from the SNL cast?
Jim Belushi
Mike Myers
Will Ferrell
Another actor

Jim Belushi? Here’s a partial list, off the top of my head,of ex-Saturday Night Live cast members:

John Belushi
Dan Akroyd
Bill Murray
Adam Sandler
Martin Short
Dennis Miller
Gilda Radner
Jane Curtin
Chris Rock
Eddie Murphy
Chevy Chase
Jon Lovitz
Phil Hartman
Billy Crystal
David Spade

And lets not forget Victoria Jackson, who while admittedly never achieved Jim Belushi’s post SNL success, is way better looking.

Most of the above people could be listed as brighter stars than Jim Belushi, although it’s really irrelevant, because Mike Meyers is the hands down winner.

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