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A Couple of Must-See Videos

May 4th, 2007
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I have been hearing about the David Attenborough 11 episode BBC set Planet Earth for a few days now. Stunning is the word on the street. Amazon has a 14 minute preview, and stunning (albeit small) it is.

Meanwhile, get some desktop backgrounds here, and screen savers here. Here’s a sample desktop:

Click on image for full size preview

A second video comes from NASA. It’s a short, beautiful shot of a new methane powered rocket engine, complete with fart at the end. Here’s the press release:

NASA-supported scientists and engineers have successfully tested a methane-powered rocket engine. The firing was not only remarkably beautiful (a must-see movie is featured in today’s story) but also may herald a new type of spacecraft that one day roams the outer solar system gathering fuel from planets and moons that it visits.

The story is here.

The video here.

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