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Me and the Blogging Tories

July 16th, 2007
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Back in March, my posts fell off the Blogging Tories aggregator. No reason given, no reply to e-mails I sent. Ne response, even, from this post:

Is there anybody out there who is on good terms with Stephen Taylor or Craig Smith, who run the Blogging Tories? My posts have not been showing up on their aggregator for three weeks now, and I can’t get a response as to why. I have e-mailed both guys three times, but never a reply, and no solving of the problem.

So it was with interest I read this weekend that Halls of Macademia had been “blackballed from the Blogging Tories aggregator…”, and by today had been re-instated.

I received an email from Stephen Taylor at Blogging Tories early this morning, letting me know that I have been reinstated.

An e-mail from Stephen Taylor? What makes him so F***ing special?!?

So this morning I sent a note to Stephen Taylor myself:

Hi Stephen.

I have been following the issue of access to the BT aggregator. My blog, At Home in Hespeler ( has been off the aggregator for months now. I have e-mailed previously about this, but received no reply, either from you or Craig Smith.

Is it possible to get reinstated on the aggregator, please. If not, please remove me from the blogroll, as I really don’t like being a partial member of the BT’s. Either way, if it’s not too much trouble, could you let me know what your response is.

I eagerly await response, but it may be time for At Home in Hespeler to move on to a new phase. I will keep you updated.

Update: Everything is now sorted out and back to normal. Thanks to Stephen Taylor for getting this sorted out.

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June 19th, 2007
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Like many in the blogosphere, I have added facebook to my arsenal of places where I can be read. If you already on, feel free to make a friend of me:

Meanwhile, I am going to try and learn to add a “Share on facebook” link to this blog, ala Steve Janke.

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