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When Mark Steyn is Right…

September 15th, 2012

he’s dead right.

His piece today on the Libyan embassy overrun, an act of war, not a movie protest, is brutally on the mark.

Lets make no mistake, this was an overt act of war: An embassy was overrun, it’s flag taken down and replaced, it’s ambassador kidnapped, killed and his body sodomized. Meanwhile, the president is oblivious to what’s really happening, so stuck in his own little world of delusion. On the other side of the aisle, Sen. John McCain has gone form giving his own concession speech to giving Mitt Romney’s, even though it is unasked for and unneeded.


Since the President is spending his crisis time raising money in the arts community, maybe some film maker could explain why it’s not OK to have a General call a movie maker, or the White House complaining to YouTube about a movie. If  they are having problem with the problem, they could imagine it’s a year in the future and Hollywood has produced the first Presidential assassination movie of the Romney presidency. It’d be cool if the some Admiral docks his Battleship at Sean Penn’s beach house for a chat, right?

The president, his former opponent and the criminally dishonest media need to step aside and let some adults look after this little problem. Clearly, the people charged with doing so are unable.

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He’s Not the Messiah…

September 13th, 2008
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…he’s a very naughty boy:

Jesus Christ was a community organizer,
Pontius Pilot a Governor.

The next time one of Senator Obama’s mouthpieces want to show how clever they are by spouting this purely inane piece of drivel, they should remember another lesson from the Roman Empire: Brutus and Mark Antony were Senators.

Or as Rev. Jeremiah Wright might say:

Et tu Barackus?

he's not the messiah...