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Gary Goodyear Retains Cambridge

October 14th, 2008
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Everybody should know by now it will be a Conservative victory, probably an increased minority. As of this writing the seat count is:

Conservative 144
Liberal 74
Bloc 50
Laytonians 38
Greens 0
Non Green Independents 2

Here in Cambridge, Conservative MP Gary Goodyear was returned to Parliament with a large increase in support. Goodyear had won in 2006 by almost 6,000 votes over Liberal Janko Peric. This election Goodyear ran away with a 12,000 vote victory over Liberal newcomer Gord Zeilstra.

Meanwhile in Kitchener Centre we can report that annoying Liberal Karen Redman is losing to Conservative Stephen Woodworth, albeit only by a few hundred votes. That one is going to be close, but if the results hold it should make a certain Kitchener blogger we know very happy.

Meanwhile, ladies and gentleman, Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Election 2008, Gary Goodyear

I am Your Father Ben

September 25th, 2008
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During our evening perambulation, Lady Hespeler last night suggested this election has been particularly negative. Although she tends towards the “if you can’t say anything nice,” school of politics, it is this time a sentiment with which I tend to agree. Not just negative, but completely lacking in humour, which is to me the greater sin. Finally, however, somebody has gone and done something funny: Darth Harper

h/t Gerry Nicholls

Election 2008, Funny.

Tories Crack Down on Tobacco Marketed to Kids

September 17th, 2008
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I saw this for the first time the other day, some teenage girl near the local high school smoking a small cigar, or cigarillo (oh, and spitting). Used to be us dads had to worry our daughters would bring home some tattooed, stogy chomping sailor, now we have to worry they’ll become one.

Anyway, I confess I think I agree with Kinsella on this one

Harper says Conservatives will ban “kiddy packs” of cigarillos and other tobacco products

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that a re-elected Conservative Government will take further action against tobacco products being marketed to children …

“As a parent, I was appalled to see tobacco being marketed in a way that is so enticing to children. Flavouring and packaging them like candy, gum or a fruit roll up,” said Prime Minister Harper. “This just isn’t right. This practice can’t continue. We will not tolerate it.”

“Kiddy packs” of cigarettes are already banned. Cigarillos are not subject to the existing rules because they are constructed differently than cigarettes.

No real complaints, but a caveat. Prime Minister Harper has been campaigning, and run his government, on the idea of the Federal government staying out of the Provinces jurisdiction. Does not regulating tobacco products more normally fall under the heading of Provincial responsibility?  
This is a motherhood policy, and gets no complaints from this libertarian, but it seems to run counter to the overall message of the campaign.

Election 2008, pimply minions of bureaucracy

Bloggers, Start Your [Search] Engines

September 5th, 2008
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From the inbox:

September 5, 2008
Ottawa, Ontario

Public event for Prime Minister Stephen Harper for Sunday, September 7th is:


8:05 a.m. – Prime Minister Stephen Harper will leave 24 Sussex en route to Rideau Hall to meet with Governor General Michaëlle Jean to ask her to dissolve the 39th Parliament for an election call October 14th, 2008.

24 Sussex
Ottawa, Ontario

* Open to Media *

So unless Michaëlle Jean pulls some unexpected King-Bing-ish thing out of her chapeau, the election is on, and it is October 14th.

Election 2008