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Google Chrome

September 3rd, 2008

Day two using the newest web browser Google’s Chrome, and my initial response is quite positive. The interface is quite sparse (see picture below) with very little in the way of distraction, but when you want something, say a bookmark or to open a tab, it seems to be right there. It is intuitively simple with a clean presentation and it is fast. Nice browser, easily ahead of Internet Explorer (duh) and Apple Safari. It may well give Mozilla Firefox a good battle, but I have to figure out ways to personalize it a bit first. 

Two downsides, it doesn’t have the spell check included that Firefox has, which I have come to rely on to spot my typos. I also can’t control opening files in third party software: an mp3 file for instance plays in the browser instead of being able to open it in windows media player. 
Overall, I like Chrome a lot. Browsers sure have come a long way since the early Netscape days. It will take a few weeks to decide whether it’s better than Firefox, but unlike Safari or any version of Explorer, I’m prepared to give it a try.
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