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Cool for Cats Friday

August 26th, 2011

“Dad, if you could be anything in the world, what would it be?”

“A Pip.”

First you confuse ‘em, then you make them google. Seriously though, could you do this night in night out and be unhappy?

If these guys can do it…

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Cool For Cats Friday

August 19th, 2011

Happy Birthday, Robert Plant

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Cool For Cats Friday

August 12th, 2011

Here’s a new video from, “Mick Jagger’s new band,” Superheavy. What happened to his old band? you ask. Something about Kieth, a book, and the size of Mick’s -ahem -intromittent organ.

Mick’s femme-fatale co-singer in Superheavy is Joss Stone:


In other news, Warrant Singer Jani Lane was found dead yesterday. I’ve always had a soft spot for those 80’s hair band power ballads, and Heaven is one of the best.

RIP Jani Lane ( 1964-2011)

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Cool for Cats Friday

July 1st, 2011

For the 144th celebration of Dominion Day, on offer is a couple of my favourite Canadian songs:

It’s possible Mama Let Him Play was too easy, so here’s another great song from Doucette’s seminal album, Back Off

Something of a more recent vintage, Montreal’s The Respectables, Sweet Mama:

Speaking of sweet mama’s, sorry to hear of the death of Elaine Stewart this week, who died age 81. One of Hollywood’s the true beauties.


One more:

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Cool for Cats Friday: The Big Man

June 24th, 2011

Clarence Clemons (1942-2011). Live in Toronto, 1984.

And earlier in the week I linked to a picture of Abigail Clancy. Here’s the picture:


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Cool For Cats: A Modest Doubt and New Used Car

June 17th, 2011

If you are in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge/Guelph area tonight, and looking for something to do, may I recommend The Circus Room. The band playing on this night is my own band, Modest Doubt. We go on at 10, and play ’til 2.

And if your wondering what song we’ll start the night with, it might be Sue Foley’s New Used Car.


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Cool For Cats Friday: A Song About Dogs

June 3rd, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Seasick Steve - You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks:

In 3D

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Cool for Cats Friday: What is and What Should Never Be

May 20th, 2011

Haley Reinhart got voted off American Idol this week after performing Led Zeppelin’s What is and What Should Never Be. Conventional wisdom is she lost out because she slipped and fell on the stairs while performing. I say, it’s because she cut the slide solo out of the song - although in fairness, Jimmy Page is a much better guitar player than Haley Reinhart’s dad.

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Cool For Cats Friday.

May 6th, 2011

It turns out I’ve been married for 20 years. Seems strange that someone so young, fit and with such a nice full head of hair could be old enough to be married so long, but I have been. And lady Hespeler, who honestly looks the same as when I met her, how she could be married 20 years is beyond my limited imagination. Where does the time go anyway?

For our anniversary, we are off to Paris for a celebration in style (or a holiday on the cheap - your choice). (**warning: if you are thinking, “oh good, now I can go and rob the Hespeler towers,” think again. I have left an attack mother-in-law behind. Seriously, you want to wait until I get back).

As my anniversary gift, the Lady Hespeler got me a pair of tickets to see Jimmy Buffet when he rolls into Toronto. In honour of Jimmy Buffet and Paris, here is “He Went to Paris.”

I used to sing my daughter to sleep with that song, followed by Tom Cochrane’s Avenue A:

You know, the daughter would love to go to Juilliard (and Paris). Makes you wonder how much they absorb.

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Cool For Cats Friday: Rule Britannia Day

April 29th, 2011

It’s Britain day, starting with all that’s right about Britain:


They really do pomp and circumstance very well, don’t they?

And then, all that’s wrong with Britain. As the Daily Mail says, it’s the “death of common sense,” and the “police have lost the plot.”  In the age of home grown terrorists blowing up the tube, when police don’t even bother investigating stolen cars, the authorities do have time to investigate the racist act of singing Kung Foo Fighting.

Just in case anybody here in Canada agrees with the simpering morons of the Isle of Wight police, without further ado, Carl Douglas’ Kung Foo Fighting. If you find this offensive/racist, may I suggest you a) are not really very bright, b) don’t bookmark.

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Cool For Cats Good Friday

April 22nd, 2011

The good: Nina Simone, Feeling Good:

The Friday: Steely Dan, Black Friday.

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Cool For Cats Friday

April 15th, 2011

If you are local to the centre of the universe and missed it, one of the greats came to town this week. Because nothing is good for the soul like rock and roll, some Bob Seger from Toronto.

It’s true what they say, Rock and Roll Never Forgets:

On the same day, it was announced, are you ready for this boys, that the Lingerie Football League is coming to Toronto. As much as I hate to do it, I have to throw my support behind a new sport coming to Toronto. So Gentlemen, meet the ladies of the Lingerie Football League:



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Cool For Cats Friday

April 8th, 2011

The Band From Far Out does The Gong Show. The 70’s at their cheesy, campy best:

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Cool For Cats Friday

April 1st, 2011

If your in Ottawa this week, the news is all good: Joe Bonamassa is in town and the politicians aren’t. Tonight he’s in Ottawa, tomorrow in Toronto, with Montreal behind him already.

I gotta say I really have been loving the new Joe Bonamassa album, Dust Bowl. Man, this guy is good. Here’s the title track from Dust Bowl as played in Las Vegas a month ago.

Great guitar player, but he can write a lyric too:

Gonna make my own way, gonna head downtown,
Walk around, settle down, find me a proper drink,
Don’t need a helmet to get me through life,
I walk across the water, blame it on foolish pride.

Lifting me up, tearing me down,
All you give me is indecision the classic run-around,
Bringing me higher, keeping me whole,
Now I feel I’ve been living, living in a dustbowl.

Diamonds and pearls, you’re that kinda girl,
You size me up to break me down while you’re sipping on your Crown Royal,
I’ll give you shelter, babe, it’s your call,
It’s hard to find the truth within when you are living in your own zone.

Lifting me up, tearing me down,
All you give me is indecision the classic run-around,
Bringing me higher, keeping me whole,
Now I feel I’ve been living, living in a dustbowl.

Find in deception, the same kinda pain,
If all that’s left for me to lose, is meant for you to gain,
Playing it close, stealing your time,
Who cares anyway, I’ve gone the extra mile.

Lifting me up, tearing me down,
All you give me is indecision the classic run-around,
Bringing me higher, keeping me whole,
Now I feel I’ve been living, living in a dustbowl.

Living in a dustbowl
Living in a dustbowl

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Cool For Cats Friday: The No More Mr. Nice Guy Election

March 25th, 2011

Will they, or won’t they? It’s the question on the lips of political junkies and shut-ins from sea to sea to sea. Will the opposition vote non-confidence in the Harper Government, or will the electorate have to wait until 2012 to punish Stephen Harper by eviscerating Michael Ignatieff?

Either way, Harper should bring a band on the campaign trail, and sing a few numbers. Here’s a couple of suggestions. First, one to show he’s serious about winning.

Then to show he has a sense of humour:

I think full make-up and snake around his neck would also be a nice touch. I’ll tell you one thing, he’d lock up my vote.

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