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February 6th, 2014
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National Post writer Christie Blatchford is in Sochi to cover the Olympics. A report this week says Russian officials were rounding up stray dogs and euthanizing them.Dog lover Blatchford has started tweeting pictures of dogs in sochi.






It’s worth noting that Blatchford is new to twitter, and somebody needs to show her how to use hashtags as this is a series that is crying out for one. It’s also worth noting that if this series does nothing else’ it shows why Blatchford became a writer and not a photographer.


John Moore on Arts Funding

January 13th, 2009

Joanne at Blue Like You is praising John Moore for his “scathing column” in yesterday’s National Post. And she’s right, it is a scathing column, and John Moore is right on the money with his criticisms of CBC’s New Years eve telecast in Quebec. Perhaps taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund this sort of crap.

John Sanford Moore

John Sanford Moore

Oh-oh. John Moore doesn’t agree with that. In fact, John Moore never even mentions that the broadcast was on Société Radio-Canada, the French service of the CBC.  You would hate to opine that Moore didn’t mention that because four months ago, in the middle of an election when arts funding was an issue, John Moore came out on the side of forced funding of the arts for all taxpayers:

In most artistic media, government provides merely the additional sliver that puts events and institutions such as orchestras, theatre companies and ballets in the black: Ticket holders, not taxpayers, pay the lion’s share of the performers’ costs. And forget the idea that these performances are a clubhouse for millionaires.

And I don’t want to hear the argument that it wasn’t a major election issue, because it certainly was in John Moore’s mind:

The Prime Minister not only attacked the arts and artists but dismissed the ensuing outcry as a “niche issue”. As Winston Churchill might say, “Some issue. Some niche”.

Well John, you wanted arts funding, you got it. Don’t complain how the artists in question use their funding now. Examples like the show Bye Bye are exactly the kinds of art Conservatives used as examples during the campaign, and that argument you dismissed as “disingenuous.”

Oh, and by the way John, the most patronizing cliche? Leftists who look down on people who want the choice of were to spend their own money.

bad journalism, columnists.

What’s Going On at the Toronto Sun?

August 4th, 2008

Yesterday I ran a post titled Welcome Back Paul, today I could call this post Go Away Paul. In today’s case I’m referring to the Toronto Sun’s Paul Berton. Berton, a Star wannabe, today has the lead editorial and does a counterpoint arguing why Stéphane Dion will be the next PM.

First the editorial. It’s the usual complaint against negative campaigning. However, it’s focused on John McCain’s negative ad comparing Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Barack Obama. No mention of Obama supporter, and possible VP candidate, general Wesley Clarke questioning what part of John McCain’s military experience actually qualified him to be President. To these left wingers, negative campaigning always runs right to left.

The point/counterpoint, will Dion be Canada’s next PM? (read, will he win the next election), is another example. Rob Granatstein says no, Dion will not be the next PM. To his column I will return. But Berton argues that he will be the next PM because the next election will be about the candidates:

…his record, his team, his platform and on our confidence in his party to get the job – the right job – done.

And what is the right job? Here’s a hint:

Dion is hoping Canadians will judge him… on his strength of character and the policies of his party, particularly his Green Shift program…

Berton has been in full chicken little mode over global warming for a while now and seems to firmly believe that paying more taxes, killing off more manufacturing jobs &tc. is the answer to saving the world. Hence Dion has the best policy and will win the election.

As for Granatstein’s argument that Dion will not win, it’s not because of policy, or because PM Harper is doing a good job, it’s because Dion is “largely incomprehensible” in English. However, he notes:

I can’t see myself voting for any of the other leaders, either.

Oh, good. A supposedly conservative paper has a debate about who will be the next PM and can’t find someone who would vote Conservative to make an argument.

All this from the paper who regularly brings Michael Den Tandt’s columns about how wonderful Stéphane Dion is doing this summer. I swear if it wasn’t for the fact I’d miss Gerry Nicholls occasional column, I would give up on the Sun.

Oh and memo to the Sun’s editors: it’s Stéphane with an accent on the first é, not the accent-less Stephane . If your going to pronounce him PM these details matter

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