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Rondi on Bernie

May 27th, 2008
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I have become a fan of Rondi Adamson the last year. Unfortunately, she is usually turning up at The Star or The Globe and Mail, the two dailies I don’t regularly read. Today however, she turned up at The Sun, which I managed to catch without having to resort to those internets.

A different slant on the various Maxime Bernier “scandals,” noting that what his “spouse” was wearing at his swearing in is minor compared to the fact he is allowed to declare her a “spouse for travelling purposes,” and fly her around at taxpayer expense, after dating her only a few months:

For Bernier to designate Couillard — a woman he had apparently only dated briefly — a “spouse” is setting the limbo bar so low for what constitutes a “spouse” that a wee beastie could dance its little way under it. It is also inconsistent with the outrage at Couillard’s decolletage last summer. Why the priggishness there, but not in her “spouse” status? Surely social conservatives should be offended.

Fiscal conservatives should be troubled, as well…

Prior to running for election in Beauce, Bernier had served as vice-president of Quebec’s leading free market think-tank, the Montreal Economic Institute. In his previous incarnation, he would have been unimpressed with someone’s girlfriend — flat or big-chested — tagging along on the company dime.

I submit that this piece was probably written before Bernier’s resignation (although not before the news of the envelope-gate). However, I would suggest that Adamson makes a good case for his resignation even before the top secret envelope under the pillow routine, and would guess that PM Harper had pencilled Bernier for a shuffle during the summer when nobody was paying attention.

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