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Sunday Digest (or Farewell to a Favourite)

April 6th, 2008
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A month or more ago I was cleaning up my sidebar and decided to take the link to The Road Hammer off due to inactivity. Prior to today, his last post was Dec 4th. Before that, we go to September, but really, steady, thoughtful blogging had stopped in mid-August.

I checked in today for the first time since removing him from my blogroll, and discover today was day zero: this morning The Road Hammer officially signed off.

Hammer provided quick political hits, some pop culture, plus book, movie and CD reviews. I always enjoyed his writing, and more so the style of his blog. The daily digests were a great way to state your piece without blowing out 2,000 words. And the cartoons, I loved the cartoons!

Hammer if you still stop by here, know that your work was enjoyed, and has been missed. Know also that I fully understand why you would do as you have, that I wish you well, and that Led Zeppelin was great.

fare thee well