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Who’s Money is it Anyway?

January 10th, 2008
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The Royal Canadian Mint will not be charging the city of Toronto for using the likeness of a penny in it’s one-cent tax refund campaign last year. The mint owns the trademark for Candian currency, and had invoiced the city of Toronto for daring to use their trademark themselves:

…a taxpayer-owned corporation licensed to make money — literally and for profit — the mint insists it must protect trademarks just like any other business.

Even “50 Cent” rapper Curtis Jackson registered his stage name in Canada.

“Everyone should understand that they can’t get a free ride from the mint when it comes to them using our intellectual property,” Reeves said.

But hold on one minute. It’s not the mints money, it’s not the mints trademark – it’s ours. Canadians. Every damn one of us. Much like the Borque-poppy incident a couple of Novembers ago, the mint only holds any trademark in trust for Canadians, not to use against us. It is our symbol, not theirs.

As such:

Next they’ll be telling us we can’t use the Canadian flag.

Penny for your thoughts, pimply minions of bureaucracy