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On Brian Mulroney

November 14th, 2007

A quick excerpt from Brian Mulroney Memoirs:

I had long been impressed by the elaborate courtesies extended to former American presidents by their successors, “out of respect for the office,” even when their earlier relations were not warm. I was determined to act in the same fashion toward my predecessor.

During the 1984 campaign I had promised a commission of inquiry into the Petro-Canada financial transactions. I was aware of substantive allegations about prominent Liberals – including some close to the Prime Minister – making millions on the deal when Petro-Canada was set up. Upon reflection, I declined to proceed when it became clear that Trudeau would be forced to testify, thereby being caught up in the media circus that could badly harm him and his family. Because I believed it would be wrong to drag a former Prime Minister through the mud, I cancelled plans for the inquiry (Mulroney, Brian. Memoirs: 1939-1993. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart Ltd., 2007. Page 529)

I point this quote out not because he’s right, he’s not, at least not when it comes to possible criminal action, but because it says a lot about Mulroney. And it says a lot about our political process. As I mentioned last month about a Warren Kinsella penned article:

Here’s a tip for Warren Kinsella, and the rest of the Liberal party. it wasn’t the Gomery Commission that dealt the shattering blow, it was the acts committed by members of the Liberal party that the Gomery Commission investigated that dealt the blow.

Same principle here, an inquiry doesn’t dis-respect the office, it’s the actions of the office holder that stand to disrespect the office.

Stephen Harper is right to call an inquiry, and it should be a full inquiry, looking into Mulroney’s actions while in office, as well as the later actions of Jean Cretien regarding the Airbus probe, reporters who won’t let this story go, and anyone else involved in this story. It’s time for full accountability or, if no accountability is required, to put this story to rest.

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