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Do Prairie Dogs Have Shadows in Snow Storms?

February 2nd, 2011
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This is news? In the middle of “snowmageddon©” a groundhog doesn’t see his shadow.

But while your shoveling out feel happy in the knowledge that the rodent predicts an early spring. And he’s never wrong

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“It’s Very Scientifically Proven”

February 4th, 2010
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Hey, look who’s been reading At Home in Hespeler:

Toronto Sun – Feb 2010:  Don’t shoot the messenger, even if he is a groundhog.

At Home in Hespeler – Feb 2009: … How else to explain taking a bite out of New York Mayor Michael groundhog-aBloomberg at a weather ceremony yesterday. Of course, maybe he’s just sick of everybody blaming the messenger.

At Home in Hespeler March – 2008: Wiartin (HP) – Villagers of this hamlet east of Owen Sound today formed in a mob and marched to the site of locally famous Wiarton Willy. Carrying torches, pitchforks and snow shovels and chanting “kill the rodent”, the villagers came to demand an explanation of the weather from the local weather prognosticator.

At Home in Hespeler – March 2007: You, Mr. Groundhog, have one week to improve things…
or else…

I’m surprised the Mounties aren’t at my door. |

Since I’ve started this blog I have covered Groundhog/Prairie Dog day every year and the damn rodents have never been right when calling for an early spring. So this line surprised me:

Don’t blame the messenger. It’s very scientifically proven — and that’s just a fact of life

Who settled this science? The IPCC? Were groundhogs mentioned in the East Anglia emails?

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Groundhog Takes No Guff

February 3rd, 2009

Apparently weather rodent Staten Island Chuck is also a taxpayer. How else to explain taking a bite out of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a weather ceremony yesterday.

Of course, maybe he’s just sicking of everybody blaming the messenger. Either way I hereby dedicate this story to Rondi.

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Damn Grounbdhog – Part Deux

February 2nd, 2009

A couple of years ago, when I actually had an ice rink to skate on, the prognosticating prairie dog gave us an early spring. This year I had leaky hoses and never got around to  laying that ice sheet: a better winter for backyard hockey you would be hard pressed to find too. So what happens?

Wiarton’s weather woodchuck, Willie predicts six more weeks of this cold/snow/blowing crap.

If he’s right, I fear a repeat of last year.

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Migration Complete

April 23rd, 2007
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I went to Ottawa last Thursday, and when I got back this blog was down due to converting to *new* blogger. Not again. Last time, you may remember I was down for over three weeks, the time before ten days. A repeat, and I don’t think I would have returned, at least not in the form of At Home in Hespeler.

Once again, migration got stuck, and I wound up in the help groups where, to their credit, the blogger employees do their best to problem solve. As you can see, this time the fix was quick, and effective, as I am posting from the *new* blogger template.

Meanwhile I will be writing about Ottawa, but here’s a favourite moment. This little fellow was running around Parliament Hill.
I kept thinking, Prairie Dog? Gopher?
Either way, apparently they are getting a bit more respect from “Canada’s New Government.”

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