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Why Didn’t I run for the Freedom Party in Cambridge?

October 11th, 2007

A year or two ago I read up on The Freedom Party, and noted they were looking for qualified people to step up as candidates in the next Provincial election. I considered contacting them and submitting myself. However, I confess I wondered if autoworker/periodic blogger meant qualified, even if I have a degree in economics. I figured, to be honest, a better candidate would put their name forward.

Yesterday as I sat in front of my pathetic choices, mumbling I can’t do it, I can’t vote for any of them, I wondered why I never put my name forward: at least there would have been somebody on the ballot I could have put my X beside, instead of pissing away my democratic prerogative. And so today I think, maybe I should have sent that e mail, just to see what they would say.

With that in mind I pass a message on to Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever: if the PC’s can’t put up a better leader, somebody who is not a red Tory, then count me in for 2011 – assuming of course you want me.

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