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Ignatieff’s Liberals…

October 8th, 2009

closer to the NDP than the Conservatives.

w-ekos-vote-cbc-091007How can this be true? you might ask. This is how…

To quote one of the top five political minds in the country: stick a fork in him.

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Is it Starting to Turn on the Liberals in Ontario?

September 26th, 2007

Forget polls. I’ve said it a hundred times. Pollsters often have their own agenda, and can be heavily influenced by wording or ordering of questions. Forget them. The politicians do their own polling, and the only agenda on the internal polling is good information. Want to know what the internal polls say? Watch the politicians: they will react to them.

So it is noteworthy, I think, that today Dalton McGuinty didn’t go negative, he went scare mongering:

A vote for the Ontario Conservatives is a vote for the decimation of public health care and a return to the dangerous cost-cutting policies of former premier Mike Harris, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Wednesday in his sharpest attack yet on his chief rival.

I wish I could believe that John Tory was fit to carry Mike Harris golf bag.

“I’m comparing the politics of Mr. Tory to Mr. Harris,” McGuinty said, responding to a question in French.

“Yes, they are different people but at the end of the day, what happened in the past will happen again in the future. I want to be sure that Ontarians understand the choice before them. They’ve already experienced the cuts in their health care system. When I talk to Ontarians, they don’t want to see that movie again. They want to move forward.”

Standing in London’s John Labatt Centre, McGuinty vowed to spend $550 million a year to hire 9,000 nurses over four years _ enough to fill virtually every seat in the stadium.

“You see this arena behind me?” McGuinty said, gesturing to the empty stands. “Mike Harris emptied that arena of nurses. We filled it once and now we’re going to fill it again. That’s the difference.”

Dude, your harshing my mellow.

Watch for the less reliable polling to show in the next week or so that John Tory is picking up support. More interesting to see will be whether this ridiculous John Tory = Mike Harris stuff will have any impact.

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