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Migration Complete

April 23rd, 2007
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I went to Ottawa last Thursday, and when I got back this blog was down due to converting to *new* blogger. Not again. Last time, you may remember I was down for over three weeks, the time before ten days. A repeat, and I don’t think I would have returned, at least not in the form of At Home in Hespeler.

Once again, migration got stuck, and I wound up in the help groups where, to their credit, the blogger employees do their best to problem solve. As you can see, this time the fix was quick, and effective, as I am posting from the *new* blogger template.

Meanwhile I will be writing about Ottawa, but here’s a favourite moment. This little fellow was running around Parliament Hill.
I kept thinking, Prairie Dog? Gopher?
Either way, apparently they are getting a bit more respect from “Canada’s New Government.”

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