Guitars have been a passion of mine since I was 10-years old. I bought my first guitar using money earned on a paper route. I know how important your guitar is to you, because my guitars are important to me.

Different people have different requirements for their instrument. To a professional, or even an occasional gigger, a guitar is a tool of their craft and it needs to be in perfect working order so they can do their job. To an amateur or hobbyist, a guitar is a prized possession that needs to be not just a musical instrument that plays well, but also something the player is proud to own.

When your guitar is in my workshop, I treat it like it’s my own, and will take the time necessary to make sure it’s playing it’s best.  Whether you play professionally, do the occasional gig, or just play for the sheer enjoyment of it, it is vital that you are happy with your guitar. I treat every instrument I work on not just as a tool that needs to be functioning at it’s best, but also as a a precious possession, to be enjoyed for years.

Call text or email me and we can arrange for you to come to my shop for a free inspection, where I will give you a full quote on any work needed.

I take cash and credit and provide an invoice for every instrument I repair

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